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Modular, lightweight & rapidly deployed Because traditional approaches to sound control use mass to block or contain sound they tend to be expensive, invasive to implement and permanent. ISAT systems ship deflated, are lightweight, easy to assemble and can be repurposed in a myriad of configurations. When end user requirements change, so can ISAT systems. A partition one day becomes an enclosure the next. Light transmitting ISAT building blocks can easily be reconfigured instead of going into landfill the way traditional sound control solutions do. 
The Science of Silence ISAT  - shorthand for Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology - the revolutionary premise of using an inflatable core combined with modern sound attenuation materials to block, absorb and/or contain sound. ISAT is the patented result of a decade of research and development into innovative ways to solve sound control problems and can be configured any way you want into permanent, semi-permanent and temporary installations. EndFragment
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Please contact us for more information about Sales, Rental or Leasing of AirHush ISAT Systems: At AirHush we are passionate about and committed to improving quality of life, creativity and productivity. Our focus on sound control did not come about by accident; it is the result of a need for real-world solutions that prior to ISAT did not exist. Today, we are are more committed than ever to making industry leading sound control cost effective and easy-to-use. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our unique approach to sound control. We would be happy to discuss how ISAT systems can address your needs or to help you find a local distributor. EndFragment
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About AirHush / Frequently Asked Questions What is AirHush ISAT Systems? AirHush ISAT Systems is a San Francisco start-up that has developed one of the most significant innovations in sound control of the last 20 years. Our patented intellectual property addresses complex sound control issues in diverse settings ranging open concept offices to schools, museums, exhibit halls and even industrial work sites. Acknowledged by industry experts and academics in acoustic engineering as a 'game changer' in the domain of soundproofing, AirHush ISAT Systems are a platform that can manifest in unlimited physical expressions What is ISAT? How does it work? ISAT stands for Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology and is an entirely new category of sound control solutions that are the result of more than 10 years of extensive research and development. ISAT systems replace the mass used in traditional sound control solutions with air and combines it with modern sound attenuation materials. Deceptively simple, this unique innovation has elicited significant industry and academic interest due to its ingenuity and efficacy. What are the benefits of ISAT solutions over traditional approached to noise control? Traditional solutions use mass to block or contain sound. As such they are often expensive, invasive to implement and permanent. ISAT systems are lightweight and ship deflated. Lead sheets and other heavy sound attenuating materials are replaced by pressurized air and modern sound attenuation materials. Therefore shipping and implementation costs, as well as the carbon footprint, are significantly less than those of traditional sound control solutions. Traditional solutions are site-specific and designed for one-off implementations; when end-user requirements change they end up in land fill. ISAT systems are easily reconfigured. Panels are repurposable and can be implemented in permanent, semi-permanent or temporary installations. End-users can redeploy and reuse system elements; combined with a lower shipping carbon footprint, this is a significant Clean Tech innovation.  Traditional solutions are often an afterthought in an overall new build or major renovation. As such, they are often value-engineered out of final designs. They also lack aesthetic value, or are buried in walls and block light. ISAT systems are flexible and good looking by design. Panels can be deployed at any stage in a project life cycle. Transparent, they allow for natural light flow, but can also be clad with skins of any color and/or texture. They are designed and built to complement any modern interior. Why should we care about solving noise control problems? Noise pollution is a threat to health and well-being. It is more severe and widespread than ever before, and it will continue to increase in magnitude and severity because of population growth, urbanization, and the associated growth in the use of increasingly powerful, varied, and highly mobile sources of noise. It will also continue to grow because of sustained growth in highway, rail, and air traffic, which remain major sources of environmental noise. The potential health effects of noise pollution are numerous, pervasive, persistent, and medically and socially significant. Noise produces direct and cumulative adverse effects that impair health and that degrade residential, social, working, and learning environments with corresponding real (economic) and intangible (well-being) losses. Are Airhush ISAT products available now? Yes. Airhush ISAT systems are currently available in select markets and showcased in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit the Contact page on this site:
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